Triple Channel Memory on Dual Channel Board - HELP

I bought server board that support dual channel memory but i did not realize i bought 3 channel memory 12GB total (i want to get 12GB )but my server showing 8GB Ram only

is this because 3 channel memory will not read on the dual channel board?

How can i get 12GB RAM for my server if i want it?

ALSO i have this theory will it work

i bought 2 channel ram 2 x 4GB then i buy additional 4GB ram -- Will this work and if works will this effect the performance due to different brand and different spec

thank you
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  1. You should be able to use the 12 GB triple channel memory. However, it will only run at single channel speed. to get to dual channel speed, you would need another 4GB memory stick that is as identical to your existing memory as possible. This should give you 16 GB running at dual channel speed.
  2. HI so you are saying with this triple channel kit will run as single channel right
    but 3 of the servers i install 12GB ram does not recognize this 12GB only see 8GB

    Im install latest CENT OS 64BIT

    This is the server barebone im using:

    This is the memory: (corsair 12GB Tripple Channel)

    Im using XEON 3450

    Can you tell me why all this 3 servers have same spec only read 8GB ram?
    any thing i need to set in bios or anything at all

    Please help, I dont mind all this 12GB running as single channel
    as long as it works as 12GB
  3. When you boot, does the BIOS recognize all 12gb? I'm not familiar with CENT OS other than it being a LINUX distro. It's possible that this is a linux issue.
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