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So Ive been following some of the trouble shooting guides but i'm stuck. Before going into where im stuck at ill explain a bit about the situation. My friend's Sony Vaio does not show anything on the screen besides a blinking white line (with vga input) or "no bootable drive" message (with dvi input). So i decided to try to fix it. With that aside im trying to go about things 1 step at a time. Just the PSU CPU and MOBO connected i hear 3 beeps. I then proceed to placing 1 stick of ram and i all i hear is a long continuous beep that sounds like it will never end. Although my main goal is to have a successful boot my current question/problem now is does this mean i need to replace the ram or is something else causing the long beep? thank you all for any help possible.
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  1. Probably the ram. Did you try the other stick?
    The computer IS connected with DVI, and the no bootable drive thing probably just means the hard drive cable came loose or something, unless he exposed his ram to great impact or static electricity.
  2. I did try both ram sticks, same sound. Before i buy new ram just wanna be sure once the again the beep is just 1 beep that never stops until powered down. For example beeeeeeeeeeeee(infinite) not long beeps that stop and come back. Im just trying to avoid unnecessary purchases thanks for the help.
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