Hd 5970 fan is stuck

i have just got my sapphire hd 5970 oc edision...
but the fan dosent work. ccc says it 29% fan speed but the fan start and stops like it is stuck.. that i think it is... what shall i do ?
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  1. Take the card out and try to spin the fan freely..if it's stuck and you run a 5970..your going to burn that card up within minutes. If the fan is dead, or the bearing is bad, send your card back
  2. the fan is not dead.. and i have tryed to gently press on the fan. and its about 2 am now in Finland where i live so i will take and screw the backplate of and see if there is anything int the way of the fan.. i downloaded afterburner and runned the fan at 100% as ccc couldent do.. but it had some kind of rippeling sound but its like the fan is pushed to far in. but how can i get the fan out a bit so i can spin as it wants ??? ... and sorry 4/for bad spelling .. from Finland .. no english
  3. no no no... don't remove anything best thing to do is to call your supplier as soon as possible and tell them whats happened an get a replacement, or call the manufacturing company if you open it you can VOID your warranty an you will of wasted your money!

    i know your must be concerned but dont jump to anything, expecially if its 2am you need time to think and i think you should deal with it in the morning. You will save yourself ALOT of hassell in the long run my friend
  4. I dident opened it... i downloaded afterburner and had the fan to go on 100% but it as it was before it is stuck and make an aful sound evry 15-20 secund...
    i dont think that i can calkl my supplier becouse i ordered it some time ago and i think my 14 days has expired i had an xion 630 watts psu before but i red on the pagage and it said it had to be 650watt i ordered an corsair hx 850 and i dident know the fan wasent spinning before i was playing... when i am playing the first 2 minutes are good and after that its like verical synk was on lagg like hell and bad grafic.. i started to see what was wrong i figured out the fan wasent spining and posted for help here.. :)
  5. RMA to Sapphire, you spent a good amount of money on the card and shouldn't be messing with a bad card. Send it back before you void the warranty.
  6. i have been looking around on the net and i saw that sapphire and xfx sends new fans to them that is not working are that true ? i made an support ticket and i am waiting for answer form them i allsow send to pixmania.com where i bought it from that it was something wrong whit my card
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