How to "prep" hard drives?

Hi all.

I just got some drives.
But first, I need to check if the drives are ready for real work.
What tools can I do besides the normal chkdsk /f /r /x /b d: ?
How to do extended SMART testing ?
Anything else I should do to the drives before using them?

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  1. Unless your reallreally worried aobut a new drive being faulty, which is quite unlikely. Just fit it, install it and use it.
    Can always download some test software for free from the manufacturers website.
  2. Since these drives will be going in a 24/7 NAS box, I thought there may be something else to check..
  3. If there used drives goto the Mfg web site and DL their diagnostic tools to check them.
  4. OK.
    It seems there isn't anything special I need to do then..
  5. What type of drives are these? SATA, SAS, IDE, SSD, SCSI? Some of the drives have had a higher failure ratio than others lately. I know from personal experience that SATA's have a horrible failure ratio. I lost 5/8 of my SATA drives within the first 6 months (WD).
  6. Not a shock with WD. I've been in the business 15+ years using all brands of drives. Drive I've replaced the most WD. That's not to say others haven't had issues, they all do. Oops, I just started a big debate.
  7. The drives are WD RED SATA going in a 8 bay RAID5 NAS.
    From what I read, The Reds should do "well" in this environment. Not getting ultra enterprise SCSI rack mounted stuff anytime soon.
    So, the point is I'm not looking for a drive suggestion. Just looking for any ways to check if a drive is OK for 24/7 duty before it becomes a statistic. (I have uses for drives less than pefect)
  8. WD RED SATA < That's a new line of sata from WD so there won't be much feedback out there yet.
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