Need help deciding

Hey everyone,
Well, after trying the Aerocool Touch 1000 Im not really that satisfied and was wondering if it would be better to switch to the sentry 2
Should I stay waith the Touch 100 or switch to the Sentry 2?


Currently I'm controling 2 fans, bu tI would like to control 3
What i like about the sentry 2 is the ability to turn fans off
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  2. No newegg, sorry
  3. I just provided the link to show the different Scythe fan controllers.

    Which fan controllers are available in your country?
  4. Maybe you could use search in your browser and see if they are available from whatever your source is, or at least get info on them.
  5. Better Yet Let All Your Fans Run 100%, At 100% You Have No Worries On Overheating, Fan-Controllers Are Pointless
  6. The problem is that if i let them run 100% it gets too noisy :(
    I can either get the aerocool
    touch 1000
    or nzxt sentry 2

    But i need help deciding:
    Nzxt Sentry 2 or Aerocool Touch-1000?

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    Sentry 2 or Touch 1000?
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