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I am about to build my first PC. Ordered parts and all. I was wondering if there is a good tutorial with a picture of how to put together a machine, preferably for an AMD CPU.

Also, how serious is static electricity? Do i need to buy a grounding wrist strap, or is touching the metal sink in my kitchen once in a while good enough?
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  1. First lets cover static electricity.

    You want to work on a floor that is not carpet. You need to then install the PSU first. Then plug the power cord into an outlet and flip the PSU off, by setting the switch to 0. Now every few seconds just touch the PSU and if there is any static electricity it should dissipate through the PSU.

    As for a tutorial, look up on youtube. 3dgamerman usually does some good guides.
  2. Once you have the PSU in the case, the case and the PSU are electrically connected so touching the case or the PSU will ground you. Unless you have an especially spacious case you will probably find yourself resting your arm on the case a lot, thus solving the grounding issue.

    Tecmo made a step by step guide, he used an aftermarket heatsink in his but everything else is still relevant for assembling any other AMD computer.
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