Worth going from 2 gig 5970 to 4 gig version?

I saw sapphire released or is about to release a 5970 with 4 gig, making this the fastest video card available..right?
is it worth going from the 2 gig version to the 4 gig version?

what would the benefit of the additional ram be? im guessing the ability to crank up the details and the res and still have good fps?
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  1. The 5970 is not lacking for memory when running single monitors. The 4gb version will only shine if given enough resolution to utilize it (3 or 6 monitor eyefinity setups).

    Having extra memory does almost nothing for performance, but being short is crippling. If you are not short on memory with 2gb, then 4gb will be pointless for you.
  2. Seeing as how you use more than 1 monitor, you should go ahead and do that. Especially because of the cooling Sapphire provides with it.
  3. For the extra money of a new card you can get a full water cooling loop and overclock your card by a huge margin.
  4. yes Im using eyefinity.. and woiuld love to crank up the details to the max.. 3 lcd eyefinity 24 "
  5. Wait for the Sapphire 4GB.
  6. I personally find my single 2560x1600 monitor better since it has a sharper image while eyefinity with smaller monitors just have a wider view.
  7. how much was your 2560x1600 lcd?
  8. Hmm whats your budget? assuming you have an endless credit card than go for it.If your a Graphics and FPS critic than you will see a 15 -17FPS difference with eyefinity when using 2560x1600
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