Usb over current error in seagate external hard drive

I've recently bought a seagate freeagent goflex USB 3.0 external 500GB hard drive and though i heve faced no problems whatsoever in connecting them to my PC as well as my Macbook , it shows a USB over current error when connected to my television.... It runs for a few mins and switches off automatically thereafter showing the error.
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  1. Check the tele's documentation to see if the drive is supported or not. Check what makes and models it supports and the max capacity.
  2. Over current error occur when the USB port cannot provide enough power for the drive. Usually a 2.5" drive can be powered by the 500mA of 1 USB 2.0 port. I guess the USB port on your TV is defective and not providing enough power. Connect the drive to a powered USB hub and connect the USB hub to the TV should fix it.
  3. Another solution is to get a USB double adapter cable (one USB plug which then splits into two). If your TV has two or more USB sockets then plug the two in....this will allow the extra required power to get to you 2.5 HDD. I had the same issue with a ASUS 9" netbook that could not supply enough power via one USB plug and this solved the issue perfectly and when it happened again with our new LED TV we knew exactly what to do.
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