I accidentally reformatted harddisk!

Hello,i accidentally reformatted my !tb iomega harddisk, is it possible to undo that process/retrieve the data that was once removed?
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  1. No, only a professional data recovery company can get your data. The longer it stays powered at this point, the more likely you lose data.

    Take it out of the computer and send it away for the data to be recovered.


    Well, let me rephrase... Yes it's possible for you to do it with software, but a data recovery company is likely able to get 100% of it
  2. Do not write anything on your external HDD you are about to recover.

    Find, DL and install a HDD recovery software, run the software to recover the file on the external HDD you need to recover.

    The files are not yet lost, they are jut orphaned and does not register on the OS. Unless you overwritten the HDD, the files should still be mostly intact.
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