RealWorld performance between my athlon 2.8 and someKindOf phenom???

Hi to make this quick.

my system runs pretty decent. it could be faster but ya...i can run alot on it b4 it gets upset lol.

my system is a

mobo - M4a785-m
CPU - Amd Athlon @ 2.8 quad
Ram- OCZ 6gigs
Video - Gtx 470

my ? is, i have been doing some readin here as far as phenoms having more OOMPH and athlons being more
umm...entry lvl or....regular computing?..........

since i have a quad amd ATH @ 2.8ghz

how much of a REAL GAIN can i see as far as performance if i get say a...... if i get some kind of phenom...

OH OH and also, whats the diff say from a reg phenom and a black phenom???

again will i see a MAJOR diff in system performance? would YOuSPEND 150-250 on a phenom / phoneom black if you had an ATHLON quad running at 2.8?

thanks for the just trying to get the answer from REAL ppl who KNOW b4 i go to the store to buy tonight
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  1. Is your Athlon quad 2.8 a Athlon II X4 630?
    Have you tried overclocking your CPU yet? Others have managed to get the X4 630 to 3.2Ghz without increasing CPU voltages.
    AMD Athlon II X4 620 & 630
    I think I'd try some overclocking before I'd slap down $160 for a 3.2Ghz Phenom II X4 955.

    CPU benchmarks for Athlon II X4 630 2.8Ghz vs Phenom II X4 920 2.8Ghz
  2. No I wouldn't replace an Athlon II x4 with another current quad. When you say any kind of Phenom, if you get Phenom I it's actually a downgrade, lol. Phenom II is less than 10% faster than Athlon II at the same clock, you won't see a major gain of any kind.

    I've got a Phenom 9850, Athlon II 630, and Phenom II 940 by the way, all 3 systems have 4Gb DDR2 1066 memory and I honestly can't tell the performance difference in almost anything but a few applications, and the difference is small.
  3. Oh, forgot to answer your black edition question, all that means is the multiplier is unlocked for an easier method of overclocking. It has no effect on anything except an easier overclock, and usually doesn't allow any higher overclocking if you know what your doing.
  4. u might see some improvements in games. difference is only in the L3 cache, the athlon is basically a phenom with a little higher L2 cache but without L3 cache.

    but in your case, I would not spend money on a quad phenom now, there is no point int that. the athlon x4 is a decent cpu, u can even try overclocking it a little.

    diff between phenom/athlon and their Black edition versions is in the unlocked cpu multiplier. that means with the right mobo u can simply increase the cpu multiplier, giving you a nice and easy cpu overclock.
  5. DAMN!!!! you guys are good!!! lol ahahaha

    love this place lol....

    umm as far as what kind of cpu version i have...honestly, i couldnt tell you, i think i still have the box at home but off the top i cant remember.

    as far as overclocking, lord knows ive tried to find how tos and whatnot.
    my mobo has a BUNCH of options including something about turning on all four something multiplyer...someISHH!!

    i havent a clue lol.

    but ok....I DEEPLy appreciate yall..

    thanks fellas
  6. Youtube video: Asus M4A785-M Motherboard
    Read the section in your motherboard manual about Turbo Key
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