PCI-E 32 bit??? Help please


Just got an ASRock A330ION.

It has a PCI-E 2.0 expansion slot

Some specs say this slot is 32 bit?

Can someone please explain what this means

Even crappy old graphics cards use 64 bit memory control..or am i confusin this with something else?
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  1. http://www.asrock.com/mb/overview.asp?Model=A330ION&s=Atom
    Is that your motherboard?

    I don't understand about "32bit' slot either...
    What about your case? i'm sure this mobo is mini ITX, so you must get low profile card if you want to add card on this mobo...
  2. I think the supplier must have made a **** up. OLD PCI is 32/64 bit, then there was PCI-X....now we use PCI-E (with its various revisions). Mine is PCI-E 2.0 so up to 8Gb/s.

    Yes need low profile card. What is the best Nvidia card i can get (to match the inbuilt Nvidia ION chipset).

    There was some talk of hybrid SLI, but cant find any mention of it with this board. It uses inbuilt Geforce 9 series.

    I know squat about Nvidia....but the nicest low profile I can find is a 250GTS ???
  3. These are low profile cards:

    I think the best low profile card is 9800 GT...

    What about the other specs? CPU? RAM? Monitor? PSU?
    Are you on a plan to buy a graphic card?
  4. Using a dual core Atom 330 (1mb cache) @ 1.6Ghz....but want to overclock to 2.1Ghz but no info anywhere, although this is supposed to be easy.

    Good advantage is using Dual Channel DDR3 1333 4Gb 6-6-6-20 latency (but limited to run at 1066 due to FSB speed)

    The PSU is 120w...so very lame, but cant find a small mini itx PDU to fit inside my case

    In-Win BM series

    Any thoughts?
  5. 120W??
    I would say no, you can't add another card on your motherboard...
    Upgrade PSU first then you can add low profile card to give your machine more performance...

    (yes, it's hard to find component for mini ITX...)
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