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I have been having problems removing my graphics card. My ACER PC is about 3 years old now. The product description from Future Shop says I have this video card:

Integrated Graphics Card: ATI Radeon X1650 256MB (512MB Hypermemory) PCI-E 16X Video Card

When I opened my case, it looks like I have a discrete video card connected to the PCI-E 16X slot. I need to remove it to replace it with the new video card. Unfortunately there appears to be a white latch on one of the ends of the PCI slot which is latching onto the graphics card, and I can't remove it. See highlighted circle below.

I have tried rather forcefully to pull out the card, after removing all the screws and cables, but I can't because of this latch I believe.

Does anyone here know how I can resolve this problem?

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  1. Check the other side of the card (from the picture) where that latch is. There may be a small pull-pin which will release the card.

    -Wolf sends
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