Is my PSU okay?

So I opened up my Rosewill Xtreme power supply to turn the fan upside down. It was blowing hot air over the stuff inside because of my airflow setup.

Is there any way that I could've zapped the PSU or damaged it in any way?

I'm planning on connecting a new motherboard to it soon, will my possibly damaged PSU destroy the motherboard?
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  1. What makes you think that you might have damaged it? Also, they are built to suck air in from the case and through the PSU to the outside, this benefits the case more than it hurts the PSU.

    If your PSU is damaged there is a chance that it could damage another component or all of them.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply:

    Anyway, it's more of a bad feeling I have than anything else. It was unplugged the whole time, so I don't think anything went wrong, but I can't be too sure because next week I'll be installing more than $2000 worth of components.

    If it takes another $150 just to be sure, I'm willing to do that.
  3. Whats the wattage on it? Which rosewill Xtreme is it? There are a few different ones, some are good, some are meh, and if you are installing that much worth of components it might be worth it to grab a nice high quality modular unit.
  4. It's the 850w... it got really good reviews on newegg and was a great value when I bought it.

    If I'm gonna upgrade anyway, I'd get a modular one because I'm building in the Raven Rv01 and cable management is really tough.
  5. Most newegg reviews are greatly inflated. Something works and people give it an uncritical 5.

    Having said that, newegg reviews can be very useful. You just need to know how to read them. First, total the one and two egg reviews. If there are more than 20% or at most 30% bad reviews, skip the product.

    Then read the bad reviews. They will fall into three categories: those written by newbs and "don't have a clue" people, those who found shortcomings that may or may not apply to you, and those that indicate a truly bad product. Pay close attention to the second and third categories.

    PSU reviews are especially questionable because very few of us have equipment to truly evaluate a PSU.

    Here's a good example (personally relevant to me) of review inflation: the 80% or so 5 egg rating for the Antec 900 case. I would give it no more than 4 eggs because of the truly awful cable management. And I own three of them - all modded ... for better cable management.
  6. Thanks for the heads up, I'll definitely keep that in mind when making future purchases

    Anyway, what is the percent likelihood that opening up a psu will **** it up
  7. As long as all you did was open it up and physically flip the fan over, pretty low, review sites like jonnyguru and hardware secrets open up PSUs all the time, and when they close them back up they still work fine.
  8. 5% i would say?
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