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Hey all,

I noticed that my WEI score for my disk was stupidly low, considering it's an SSD - so I tested using the AS SSD bench tool - the results seem poor to me.

It was running in IDE mode but ive since changed that, and also installed Intel's drivers - however, that has made no difference (infact it could even be slower now).

It's plugged into my sata2_2 port at present (originally sata2_4), the motherboard manual warns against using boot drivers in the sata3 ports.

Anyway, ive been messing around with it all afternoon and Ive got no where.

Anyone got any ideas?

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  1. Which model do you have?

    If you have the SSDNow V200 Series, the results are low (read up to 300MB/s, write up to 190 MB/s )

    If you have the SSDNow V+200, the numbers are better (read u p to 535 MB/s on SATA III, 280 MB/s on SATA II, and write up to 480 MB/s on SATA III, 260 MB/s on SATA II).

    Do you update the BIOS too?
  2. Kingston uses the ATTO benchmark because it gives better results because of the compressed data method.
    AS SSD is the better tool
  3. Kingston 128GB SSDNow V Series < Is this the one you have?
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