I have sveral computer on the network, I have one workstation at the opposite end of the office and it take forever to logon to the network, is their a line booster that would help?
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  1. I have no idea what a "line booster" is.

    If there are other similarly configured workstations on the same network that are NOT experiencing this problem, then it's probably a misconfiguration on that one workstation. What that misconfiguration might be is anyone’s guess since there’s so little to work with here. But the first thing I would do is use IPCONFIG and compare its TCP/IP configuration to 2-3 other computers that are functioning normally.

    To generate a TCP/IP dump,

    Go to Start->Run, type "cmd" (no quotes), and hit enter. In the command window, type "ipconfig /all > temp.txt" (no quotes) and post the file's contents here.
  2. You don't "line boost" an ethernet connection. How long is the cable? Ethernet should be good for 100 meters. If it's not well wired & you could be having packet loss.

    Are other things slow to that PC too, such as file transfers, or just logon?
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