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i am going to upgrade my laptop with a ssd and i was thinking about getting either a SAMSUNG 830 Series MZ-7PC128N/AM 2.5" 128GB drive or a OCZ Agility 4 AGT4-25SAT3-128G. which one should i get?
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  1. Neither, For Laptop, get The Curcial M4.

    My SSD of choice is Samsung 830 (Desktop) and Curcial M4 for laptop. Performance wize and least user Problems Not a nickels worth of diff between 830 and M4. So as my previous recommendations have allways been 830, or M4 - Which ever is CHEAPEST. Reason for M4 in laptop is Power consumption, m4 lower than 830.

    Do not reacommend Agility 4/ vertex 4 until I've seen more info On relaiability/user problems -To New yet.

    DO NOT base buy on Synthetic Benchmarks!!!!
  2. Actually, 830 uses less W at idle and the m4 uses less W at load.

    I guess since 830 is faster, it will also get back to idle faster. I dont honestly think there is a significant difference, but my 2c would be that you will probably spend more time idle than at load.

    EDIT: I do agree with the above poster though, I wouldnt personally consider the Agility given the options of 830 and m4.
  3. You are correct 830 uses about 0.38 W at Idle, the M4 is 0.28 higher Watts at Idle.
    However at reads/and writes can be up to almost 2 Watts Higher. Would not take much time reading/writting to overcome the slight diff at idle.
    In most of the "final word" This has been Anadtechs recommendation 830 for desktop and m4 for laptop.

    As to performance diff. There is almost NO noticable diff between m4 AND 830 in day-to-day real life usage.
    Have both 2 128 gig M4s and one 256 gig M4 Plus 2 128 gig 830s and one 256 gig 830.

    The pextor M3 would probably be a even better choice in terms of battery life, But generall the plextor is higher priced.

    M4 $89.00 FREE SHIPPING 128 GB < great Deal
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