550 W PSU-Enough for GTS 250?

Currently have a quality (not top quality) BFG 550 W PSU. CPU is a I5-750-not currently overclocked. The thing is, when I OC, I will probably not be gaming.. Is that enough for a GTS 250?
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  1. Yes
  2. Ok-some people were suggesting 700 W PSU? I thought that was overkill.
  3. 750W would be for a system with say 2 GTX 275s in sli and OCing the CPU. a 550W is fine for most single card setups and room to OC your cpu
  4. Your 550W PSU is more than enough to run GTS 250...

    Can you show the link for it?

    If your aren't gaming then why you need overclocking? :)
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