4 Exhaust + 0 In = Airflow? HELP!

I'm making a horizontal casing out of a hard box (carton) and I'm planning to put my four 120mm fans on the roof of the box as exhausts. The placement of the fans on the top can cover the whole area of the motherboard. Question is, is it the best fan orientation/placement? Or should I put intakes on the side(s)?

*(My gpu is 5770 batman, blows the warm air out of its anus) I cut out a hole on the box where the exhaust window and ports can stick out.
*Cut out a hole also for the mobo's rear panel to stick out.
*The cut-outs ain't perfect so there are some small windows for little intake. Idk if that's gonna help or not.
*I'm only limited to 4 fans.
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  1. put two on the side (near the bottom) as intakes, one on the back (near the top and by the HSF) as an exhaust, and put the last fan on the top as exhaust
  2. Quote:
    *(My gpu is 5770 batman, blows the warm air out of its anus)


    Anyhow, for a pure exhaust fan setup, it would work wonders if there were openings for it to draw air in, so small openings on the side would be great.
  3. Honestly, you need at least one fan for intake. Balanced airflow is the best for cooling.
  4. @jefe323: can you specify? i'm kinda confused. anyway here's the layout of the box.

    @Timop: ok noted. thanks
  5. @amw1011: where should it be placed?
  6. one (or two) fans by the hole for the psu cables as intake(s)

    one fan above the i/o panel on the mobo as exhaust

    the other fan(s) on the top as exhaust
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