Fan setup in antec p183


I buyed an antec p183 case and I will receive it in one week.

I have 3 120mm fans at home and considering that there are three more fans that can be
installed in this case I was asking myself this question:

I will install two fans in the front for intake... but should I install the third one in the middle place?

Considering that I don't want a noisy computer, does installing a fan in the middle for the gpu worth it?

Sorry for language I'm french!

Thanks !
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  1. With the middle fan, correct me if I'm wrong, but how does it help if the fan is against the case (where does the air come from)?
  2. That was what I told myself lol! but I saw some test and it says that it's better to only have the two front fans added! Ty anyway dude! :)
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