New mobo with no picture.

ok well im building a new desktop all the part i am use are new except the mobo was an open box from newegg which they clam was checked to make sure it worked properly

here a link to the mobo

i have everything install ram,hdd,fans,lights, all good the mobo has no on board video card so i put in and nvidia geforce 6600 gt, a little older of a card, turned it on and got nothing no bio screen no splash screen, just black and the monitor goes un resposive after a few seconds like theres no signal. thinking and hoping it was the video card i went out and bought a new nvidia 8400gs, a cheap 60 dollar card for trouble shooting, installed it turned on and again nothing. i get no beeps, all the lights and fan come on, the only other weird things it the HDD light on the case is red. so thinking that might somehow be a problem i uninstantiated the HDD still nothing. so what does everyone think the mobo is fried? or am i doing something wrong. i know the video card has to be installed but i should get some sort of picture right, or be able to get into safe mode?

ty in advance.
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  1. 1st - The hard drive wouldn't have anything to do with your issue.

    2nd - Yes, between the 2 video cards you likely should have recieved a video signal and at least a splash screen or something on your display.

    3rd - You can rule out the video card being the cause.

    4th - Have you tried a different video cable? OR if you have another computer in the house connect that computer to the monitor. Do you get video on the other computer? If you don't have a second computer then purchase a video cable. (You can get one at Best Buy then return it if you find out that wasn't the issue.)

    If you can get video using a different computer OR you have tried a new video cable and still didn't get picture then (based on what you have said) the issue is likely the motherboard. More specifically the Northbridge connection may be having issues. If it was a problem with the CPU or RAM you would have likely heard your computer beep a few times when you turned it on. The motherboard on the otherhand will not always beep if it has a problem with itself. If you can try a new motherboard.

    Before you go out and buy a new one try these steps first to rule out a faulty device causing the issue:
    1. Disconnect all IDE cables going to hard drives and CD/DVD Rom drives.
    2. Disconnect all SATA cables going from hard drives and CD/DVD Rom drives.
    3. Disconnect all USB devices
    4. Disconnect you network cable
    5. Disconnect any Parrallel and serial cables
    6. Disconnect your Speakers
    7. Unplug any add in PCI cards (like sound cards or TV tuners etc)

    The only cables that should be connected on the outside of your computer case are:
    1. Mouse
    2. Keyboard
    3. Monitor
    4. Keyboard

    The only things connected or plugged into the motherboard (inside the case) should be:
    1. Your processor (CPU)
    2. Your RAM
    3. Your Video Card
    4. 2 power connections

    Once that is done press the power button and see if you get anything. If you still get nothing then return the motherboard. The motherboard may have been returned because it was not working and instead of doing RMA the buyer may have just wanted thier money back. Send it back for an RMA on the board.
  2. ok well i have done what u have suggested and still nothing, and i have tried it on a monitor, my tv and my laptop, with nothing, so i think im gonna request a RMA ty for your input tyvm

    ps i am using DDR3 2000 which the mobo can only used when it is o.c. but i havnt been able to over clock it could that cause a problem, but it should slow down to 1600.
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