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Okay, i wasnt sure where this should go but. My screen has been I guess blacking out lately and when it comes back I see a messege that says "NVidia Windows Mode Kernal Driver" or something like that has stopped working and has recovered successfully. And when I check another window that pops up showing me there was an error, it only shows my CPU usage in red, saying 57% of one CPU. What does that mean? And is there anything I can do? My computer is about 5 years old.
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  1. This can have its' origins from a few sources: corrupted driver, corrupted registry, conflict -- or worst bad hardware.

    To rule-out hardware:
    1. [Driver/Registry] Open the Device Manager, expand the 'appropriate tree [+], right-click Uninstall {nVidia} driver(s), and restart.
    2. [Conflict] Run MSCONFIG and select Diagnostic, OK, and Restart
    3. [Bad Driver] Go to either the MOBO or OEM site, download and install the appropriate Driver(s).

    Clearly you can also look at the 'Dump File(s)' to see what the exact cause is if above fails. Assuming XP -> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315263

    Q - What MOBO?
  2. MOBO? what's that? and no i have windows 7 on my tower. if one uninstall's the driver then doesn't that affect the screen to where i would be unable to see anything for reinstalling? and if i remember right i think a diagnostic as been ran already.
  3. MOBO is the motherboard. If you uninstall the display driver, you will still be able to see. Does reinstalling the driver fix it?
  4. Crystal, if you uninstall driver, Win 7 loads default display drivers.

    Q - When you mean blacking out does the computer shutdown and start over?
    Q - Do you use any graphic card or On Board?
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