Looking For A Motherboard That Will Surport SLI And Phenom X4

Hi all looking for a mobo that surports my cpu which is AMD Phenom 9600 X4 Quad Core CPU (HD9600WCJ4BGD) but must also be SLI not bothered about the make either The cheaper the better but any help i will be thankful for xD
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  1. The AMD Phenom x 4 is an AM2+ socket CPU and won't work in those motherboards unfortunately. :(

    This was all I could find but it's out of stock:
  2. Yeah, unfortunately you are going to have a hard time finding a board that will support your old Phenom and SLI. They are not in big demand, and your socket has been phased out. What you do find will probably be returns or old left over stock. Check eBay.
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