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I need help guys, I finally got my XFX 5850 today, and I just installed it like any other graphics card, so first thing I did when I booted my computer up was install the latest driver from amd. Then I went into the catalyst Control Center and changed the scale so that it would fill up my whole screen, and as soon as I clicked apply, the whole entire screen started flickering and rainbow colors all over the place. I have no idea how to fix this, I tried to put in the CD that came with the card, but it won't even boot.

P.S. I am running Win7 64-bit

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    First of all,do a clean install of a new is how
    1_Download and install "Driver sweeper" from and install
    2_Go to add/remove programs and uninstall the driver and reboot
    3_Boot to safe mode and open driver sweeper,then click on ATI and then click on clean
    4_Reboot and boot normally to windows and install the latest VGA driver. after that,reboot and its done.
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  3. Thanks a bunch!
  4. You are welcome :)
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