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after talking a with a few people in here we have come to the conclusion that my mobo was a DOA. and my orginal plan was to unlock core os a phemon II to make it a quad core, the mobo had a very convent switch the asus CCS, but now that im looking at other mobo im thinking of replacing the cpu as well. from what ive been reading unlocking the core, makes the cpu become unstable and could cause problems, is this true? does anyone have first hand experience with this, should i just pay the extra 60 and get a quad for is the unlocking easy to do, and stable. i also plan on oc too.
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  1. Hello aprillia99;
    Some get perfectly stable X4s, some only manage X3s and many don't get any extra cores stable.
    Something over 300 X2 555BE owners left comments @ NewEgg. A lot of them talk about unlocking experiances.
    AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition customer comments
  2. LMAO wow should have looked that the cpu i bought and were i bought it from >.> tyvm tho!
  3. to be honest im still on the fence... hmmm anyone else have input?
  4. Just a word of caution though..... some people think that customers some whose X2 didn't unlock might not be so willing to get on and write a review about failure. There might be a bit more failures than those comments would lead you to believe.
  5. If you want a guaranteed quad, buy a quad. If you are happy with a dual if all else fails buy the dual.
  6. very true, not many people take failure well.....let alone tell the world about it lol
  7. There's a big difference between hoping to unlock the 4th core in a X3 and expecting to.
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