Seagate 7200.12 1TB drive failed?


For my build, I acquired a 1TB hard drive and a 500GB hard drive, both made by Seagate. the 500GB one is flawless (except for it not being an SSD), but the 1TB one has caused me trouble.

I originally planed to use the 1TB hard drive as a primary, with the 500GB as a slave. I install Windows on the 1TB, and all goes well, until I start redownloading games from Steam. I'm downloading about 3 or 4 games at a time (the max that be can be downloaded parallel), and at one point, my whole comp freezes up. Upon booting from the Windows 7 installer, the hard drive wouldn't be detected at all. I tried swapping out cables, wondering if that was the case (it wasn't). Eventually, the drive starts working again. I format it and install Windows onto my 500GB drive. That goes completely smoothly, installing and everything. I reinstall Steam, but this time on the 1TB (which is now a slave), since I could use it's bigger space for games. They all install flawlessly. Ok, so this is an issue with the cable, right? (Hint: It wasn't. The cable isn't flawed.) I swapped out cables some more and hooked up the one I thought was faulty to my DVD drive (I had no intentions of using it for quite some time), and plug in two cables that I know work into the hard drives.

That was just about a week ago. Fast-forward to today, when I'm downloading a F2P game to my 1TB from Steam. Eventually, Steam freezes up (sound familiar?) and shuts down. No problem, just restart Steam. However, according to Windows, my Steam shortcut points to a non-existent directory. It should be my 1TB slave. I go to Computer, and the drive isn't even LISTED. Not in Device Manager, either. So, naturally, I contact Seagate support, and they say to download and run the ISO of SeaTools. I boot into it and start the long diagnostics test on the hard drive. However, about midway through, an electrical storm caused me to abort the test. It repaired many problem sectors before I was able to shut my computer down. After the electrical storm is over, I run to my computer, eager to finish the diagnostic. When suddenly, the drive isn't recognized at all. Not in the BIOS, or SeaTools, or Windows.

Is the drive faulty? Can I get a new one under warranty? And before you say that downloading Steam games caused it to croak, I tested it on a slightly older laptop with only one hard drive. That hard drive has never failed, no matter how much I've done to it.

TL;DR Drive stopped working suddenly, likely arrived defective. Can it be fixed or is it under warranty?
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    Check the warranty there, rma if you can. There is no fixing of hard drives if it's broken.
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