Help with a few modding parts.

Hello there all :)

Recently I have been building a a computer case that aesthetically looks like a piece of furniture you would sit your TV on... As i'm doing it for a major project for school.

I've found some good parts for it such as a motherboard tray, hard drive cage.

But I have no idea where to look for a momentary power switch (to turn the pc on at the mainboard) and a power supply mounting.

I was looking at something like this for the powerswitch:
But it may be too far away and unable to be shipped to Australia.
I was looking on ebay for something similar but there is nothing.

I am also looking for a back plate I can mount a power supply onto, something like this:
But yet again, these are all small sites that arn't used to international shipping.

Could someone please lead me into some direction where I can find this type of modding hardware?

Would really appreciate if someone did, thank you :)
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  1. try

    I know they have the switch you were looking at and they ship to Australia.
  2. Are most of those are just power switches? If so they just cut the power on and off. Not actually turning it on from the motherboard (momentary)

    Im after a momentary one, anyone know if these will work to turn a pc on and off? (replacing main power switch)
  3. Actually, there in there.

    Thanks for that :)
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