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So I've been reading about SSDs, in particular the PX-M5 Pro series. I've seen it mentioned several times now, but can't really find a topic on it. What are people referring to when they say "storage mode" ? If you read the comments in the forum below you'll see its mentioned.

I've seen storage mode mentioned in several other places, but couldn't find it to link to. But anyone know what this means?
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  1. So from reading that post, it seems like the Vertex drives should be operated or used in a certain way (like not keeping it full, not benchmarking all the time) to get the best performance out of them. Is that a good rule of thumb in general to follow for SSDs, or is that useage pattern just for the Vertex series?
  2. What I got from reading the thread is that when you fill a Vertex 4 more than 50% full Read/Write performance temporarily slows while Garbage Collection transfers data from the faster NAND chips to the slower NAND chips on the drive. After GC has done its stuff then Read/Write performance returns. At least that's what I got from it.

    The effects seems to be more noticeable on the 64GB & 128GB versions. The 256GB & 512GB models have more NAND chips (16 I think), so it's less noticeable on those models.
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