Can I put this MOBO in this case?

into this case:

It doesn't say it supports Micro-ATX but from what I know, Micro-ATX is smaller than Mini-DTX.

Also, what's the difference between that MOBO and this ITX one...

Thanks for the replies...Also, if anyone knows any smaller cases, I'd be willing to listen. I'm trying to put together a super-mini out of the way desktop, but I'll put in a video card soon enough (maybe even 6850 if I can fit one...)
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    The Silverstone Sugo Series SG05BB-450 only supports -> Mini-DTX, Mini-ITX MOBOs.
    Mini-DTX = 203 × 170 (mm)
    Mini-ITX = 170 × 170 (mm)

    ASRock H67M-ITX = Mini ITX = YES
    ASRock H61M-S = Micro ATX = NO 244 x 244 (mm)

    nice link

    mini ITX are about the smallest 'production' form factor.

    ASUS has a entire line e.g. AT3IONT-I or also see their website Intel / AMD on board links.
  2. Thanks so much. I noticed Micro-ATX only had a "minimum" size but I guess it's not a very good rule to assume they'll all be minimum size.

    I'm planning to make this into a power rig, so sadly no fusion or atom CPUs, but bulldozer and sandy/ivy bridges and some sort of graphics card. For now, I'll be using a low-power 8800GT, I just need to decide on bulldozer or SB/IB, and then if things go well and prices drop, I'll put in a 6950 if I can.

    I'm doing this (if anyone's interested) because I'm going to need a new laptop pretty soon. Rather than get a $1500 17" Sager that'll be nowhere as powerful as a $700 desktop (and not be portable due to a 1 hour battery), I'll get this mini-ITX shoebox and a $500-$1000 15" laptop, either something cheap like acer, or an optimus sager.

    Any thoughts on this idea? I can't deal with a huge case and all those wires anymore, so I figure this is an easy way to consolidate it all into one little shoebox (granted I'll have to figure out how to deal with the monitor and keyboard/mouse problem)...

    Is this a better idea than trying to cram expensive and hot parts into a laptop? I mean, if you can't use your laptop on the go (due to battery), what's the point?
  3. I'm confused?! Are you trying to make the Mini ITX 'portable' and get a cheaper Notebook?

    I use an HP Elitebook Mobile Workstation {and PC's}, and it REALLY depends upon what you're needs are and what you're trying to process. The $500 cheapo Notebooks run circles around 5 year old 'state-of-the-art' Notebooks. So potentially having two substandard PCs isn't tops on my list of good ideas.

    The processing power between Notebooks and PCs is closer than you think. There are 'bizarre' i7 9XX {desktop CPU} notebooks -- they oddly have 45min~1+hour batteries.

    Q - What are you trying to do with either the PC or Notebook??
  4. jaquith said:
    Q - What are you trying to do with either the PC or Notebook??

    I'm trying to get the "best of both worlds". It's silly, I know, I should probably just pay a bit more for a better laptop. I can customize a CLEVO with a 17.3" FHD screen, an i7 2630, and a 460M for about $1400ish....This would then be my main computer and my laptop, but it would neither last very long without the charger nor would it be as easy to upgrade as a laptop or as future-proof.

    On the other hand, I figure I can get a fairly decent 15" laptop, Acer or Toshiba or Samsung, for $600, with fairly decent specs and a screen. Basically I'll be able to open up 10 tabs, watch a movie online, and write a paper at the same time without crashing...

    And then, with another $600, buy a mini-ITX case, MOBO, and bulldozer CPU, and let's say even an HD 6950. Add $200 for a nice 24" monitor and I've got two of which is more powerful than the CLEVO ever could be (and upgradeable) and one which is much more portable than the CLEVO.

    I don't know though...maybe I should just give up on the 17.3" idea, get a portable 15" CLEVO (just under $1000 for 540M w/ Optimus or about $1200 for 460M) and get a monitor, and be happy with the processing and graphical power of that...

    I don't you can see, I'm terribly undecided :(
  5. If you're a mobile user then get a nice Notebook. Any Notebook can do as you described easily including older notebooks with multi-core and sufficient RAM. The 'real' differences are the Graphics and yes a more demanding CPU is needed for more FPS.

    Here's a good Recommended Build Guide from Tecmo32 ->

    The ONLY usefulness for either Mini ITX or mATX is an HTPC.
  6. The problem is I'm a notebook lover who wants an 18" for at home, and a 14" for the road...

    I think, based on the fact that it's probably not going to be a long-lasting system if I cram an i5 and a 6950 into a mini-ITX case, that I'll forgo the idea of a powerful gaming rig in a mini-ITX case, and just get a nice laptop. As much as I don't want an alienware...I do hear the m17x R3 has switchable graphics and can get a nice 4 hours on the road, while having good performance...

    Seems like that would suit me much better than 2 systems that are kind of half-assed...
  7. I totally agree and if needed get a docking station or simply hook-up a larger monitor, K.B./Mouse when home.

    Good Luck! :)
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  9. jaquith said:
    I totally agree and if needed get a docking station or simply hook-up a larger monitor, K.B./Mouse when home.

    Good Luck! :)

    OK, I've decided against the mini-ITX. Even though I'll save money AND have a better computer in terms of power, it's not worth because it's still not going to be "portable", it'll just be "out of the way".

    I wanted a laptop, I should stick with a laptop...
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