SSD for main drive .. And HHD for storage

i just bought a new ssd, and im wanting to use it as the main drive and my HHD drive as storage , My HHD drive now has the OS system aready on it along with a lot of games and etc., will i have to swipe it clean then load on my info,games ,etc back on it , How will they work together is really what im asking and the best way to do it... thanks
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  1. You can put a fresh install of an OS on the SSD and transfer all the data on the HDD via SATA - USB adapter, or separate external hard drive. After that, you can format the data drive, put all the other things back on it, and you're good to go. I will assume you are using Windows, since you didn't mention it. You will go to My Computer and it will show 2 separate drives, along with disc drive, and any other drive plugged in, etc. If your computer defaults to downloading items on the wrong drive, I will refer you to this article. -->

    Hope I answered your questions!
  2. You won't have to wipe it clean! Just install directly onto your SSD and move around files and delete files as needed. Make sure you move your download default folder and user files into your HDD!

    Hope this helps! Have a wonderful day and feel free to ask us any more questions!
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