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im curious on how to get a 7.9 perfect score on the index....and whats your score?

MINE: 5.9

Processor = 6.0
Memory(ram)= 6.0
Graphics = 7.1
Gaming Graphics = 7.1
Primary Hard Disk = 5.9

i find it dumb how the overall score is based on the lowest score you have....kinda whack
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  1. Dont bother trying to get a perfect score, WEI is broke, there are some higher end hardware setups that score less than lower ones. I dont even know what my WEI score is on my desktop, and i couldnt care less if it was a 1.0 or a 7.9 as long as my games are running well which they are.
  2. The graphics portion is especially screwy. I score higher (6.8 for both) than people with better cards than I have.

    My score:
    Processor = 7.3
    Memory(ram)= 7.3
    Graphics = 6.8
    Gaming Graphics = 6.8
    Primary Hard Disk = 7.5

    My setup is an Athlon IIx4 at 3.22GHz with a radeon 3870 and 4GB of DDR2-800MHz memory at 992MHz 5-5-5-15. And an OCZ Vertex 2.
    The only way to get more than 5.9 with the HDD score is with an SSD.
    What's your setup Kreepa?
  3. WEI is a joke, don't put too much stock into what it says
  4. i got an e5300 at 2.6ghz with an nvidia gtx 460 and 4gb ddr2-800mhz with a WD 500gb hardrive
  5. my score is greatly held back by my hdd:

    Processor: 7.5
    Memory (RAM): 7.5
    Graphics: 7.8
    Gaming Graphics: 7.8
    Primary Hard Disk: 5.9 :(
  6. Most people will score below 6 on hard disk.
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