Palit gt 240 sonic 1gb gddr5

For my birthday gift i asked my mother to give me a palit gt 240...So she replied yes....So currently i have a hd 5570...My questions are -

1-will i see a noticable difference upgrading from hd 5570 to palit gt 240 sonic...

2-has the palit gt 240 sonic 1gb gddr5 has enogh memory clock to utilize all its 1gb framebuffer or due to slow memory clock it will only use 512 mb?
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  1. I wouldn't, tbh. The HD5670 is much better than the GT240, and the HD5570 is around an HD4670, which isn't that worse off.

    And it would only fully utilize 512Mb.
  2. Well, the GT 240 GDDR5 performs like a 9600GT, which performs slightly faster than the HD 4670, which performs the same as an HD 5570, but I think it'd be slightly noticeably faster in games. The GT 240 might use all of the 1GB, at higher resolutions possibly, but the most important thing is that it's the GDDR5 version.
  3. Is there a reason you asked for that particular card of that particular brand? Anyway to answer your questions;
    1) Not really.
    2) The card is not intended, nor is it powerful enough, to be used resolutions where more than 512mb of memory will be useful.
  4. Ok...Thanxs for your reply....
  5. The HD5670 actually would be an ok upgrade although not huge. Personally I probably would look for something in the HD5750/HD4850/HD4770/GTS 250 area if at all possible.
  6. Ok....I will go for the 1gb sapphire hd 4850 as it is available for rs 4200(usd-84$)..Thanx
  7. I've got that Sapphire card. I'm pretty happy with it.
  8. Sounds like a nice deal. Just make sure your PSU can handle it.
  9. Ahh...Slightly confused..My psu doesn't have a 6pin connector....Will molex to pci-e power connector will work.?
  10. What is your PSU?
  11. Yeah, tell us the brand/model.
  12. AMAN1996 said:
    Will molex to pci-e power connector will work.?

    In theory, yes. But as the other members have pointed out, the PSU needs to be able to support the 4850. The fact that it doesn't have any 6 pin PCIe connectors, doesn't sound like it's a high end PSU. That's the reason for the make/model questions.
  13. Well a 450W PSU will easily handle it as long as it has about 21A on the 12v rail.
  14. I have a zebronics zeb 450 sata plus.. 450 watt psu with 20amps on the 12volt rail....Can i handle with the molex to pci-e connector....
  15. I wouldn't. The 4850 uses 120Watts during gaming, and your CPU will use ~65-90.
  16. It doesn't hurt to try it.
  17. Yeah, but if it doesn't gonna gamble $200 or play-it-safe with $50?
  18. If it doesn't work you then buy a new PSU. Not really a huge gamble exactly.
  19. Ok...So give me a good psu name below $65 that can handle the hd 4850 and also having pci-e power connector...
  20. Sorry but please tell me the name of the psu along with its original price but not discounted price below $65....
  21. If you don't like the OCZ, this Corsair 400w would be my next suggestion.
  22. Any 400w+ PSU of a quality brand(Antec, Corsair, OCZ, Seasonic, Enermax, PC Power & Cooling, ect) should be fine.
  23. I personally like Antec and Corsair psu brand. They seem to be more reliable.
  24. Yes anything like antec will be great as it will be available in my city....Plz any antec models....Sorry palituse for using this thread for hd 4850....Sorry if my english is bad.....I am 13 years old and still struggling for good english...Again sorry
  25. Here's the Antec Neo 400w
    It wouldn't be my first choice, but if you want Antec, it fits your budget.
  26. AMAN1996 said:
    Yes anything like antec will be great as it will be available in my city....Plz any antec models....Sorry palituse for using this thread for hd 4850....Sorry if my english is bad.....I am 13 years old and still struggling for good english...Again sorry

    Like I said earlier anything above 400w should be fine. Even the 380w Earthwatts should be fine as well I believe.
  27. But i had overclock my cpu from 2.66ghz to 3.46ghz so wouldn't i need a powerful psu to keep my cpu overclocked as well as run my graphics card..
  28. That will have very little effect on the PSU.
  29. Ok...Thanx...But hd 4850 is better or hd 4770.
  30. 4850

    Have you checked out the 5770? They are a little more power efficient, and don't cost that much more than the 4850.
  31. The HD5770 is certainly a better card but it does cost a good 50%+ more.
  32. If you don't mind powercolor, this 5770 has a rebate, that makes it ~$10 more than the 4850's.
  33. I wasn't being brand specific between the different series of cards. I was pointing out a low price on a 5770, compared to the normal ~$105 - $125 4850.
  34. Alright, imo the proper comparison for the lowest price HD5770 you can find should be the lowest priced HD4850 though.
  35. ok.

    If I was shopping for a 4850 with a $130 budget, I would likely pick a good quality 4850 (Sapphire or EVGA). But if I could get a 5770 within my budget, I would consider buying the lower priced powercolor.

    That's just how I look at it. To each their own.
  36. I would prefer sapphire,asus or sparkle.....I just love the sparkle's calibre series....

    SAPPHIRE 100245HDMI Radeon HD 4850 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card

    Price $94.99
  38. The Sapphire HD4850 is a great one -> personal testimony.
  39. I think we can all agree on that. I've got it in my PC right now. Great card.
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