? Acer Aspire 5920 Model: ZD1 Repairs ?

Hey all,

I'm new to the site / forums. Figured I'd drop in and shoot a question. I have an older Acer Aspire 5920-series Laptop which has a bad motherboard.
While I despise Acer a lot and everything they manufacture ... The laptop itself has some sentimental family value to myself. My experience is pretty
green to motherboard repairs, as I'm just getting used to soldering, etc. Anyhow! Without further delay I will try to explain what has been tried, and
tested thus' far.

I first received the laptop in pieces - wrapped in a shower towel (lol). So ESD damage is probably highly likely to start the story with. I assembled the laptop
completely and attempted to power it on, the result being to no surprise -Nadda-. No charge light. As far as I could tell, the power was good up until the point
where it connected to the motherboard itself. Tests run so far would be along the lines of...

- Tested without Battery; Adapter plugged in. Result: Nothing.
- Tested with Battery in, Adapter plugged in. Result; Nothing.
- Tested with Battery alone, no adapter. Result; Nothing.
- Tested voltage on Adapter with multimeter. Result; Passed @ 19V or so.
- Plugged Adapter into the Power Cable and tested the end that connects to the motherboard. Result; Appears to have passed as the voltage rates in similar to the adapter test @19V~

*Purchased new power cable from Ebay.
*Purchased new Power Button Board + Cable ; Had no effect. Motherboard still did not work.

Looking over the motherboard the only physical oddities that I can see are the following in this picture I took .. Missing items ?

And here is a full shot of the motherboard, front and back.

Model Info:

Any thoughts on how to proceed would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. If you really want your laptop to work go on ebay and buy a used motherboard. Then take your cpu and install it in the new board and put the laptop back together. You can find them just make sure there is some kind of warranty. It is easier to replace the board than to fix it. good luck..
  2. Hi,
    you can just go poking with a soldering iron on the board like so gung ho
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