Best 128 GB SSD?

I have been doing a lot of research and there are just so many different models and brands and things to consider I am confused. I have been considering the Samsung 830, Sandisk Extreme, Corsair Force Series GS...etc. Since most of them provide nearly the same real life performance, should I just wait for the best price and buy that one? As long as they have good reviews, that is. Thanks!
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  1. hmmm .. im about to build a new system and spend many hours .. even days reviewing all the parts i need ... and for the SSD part
    i choose either samsung 830 or intel 520 ... i like both .. reliability and speed ..
    so yeah .. there you go
  2. other people might recommend you the vertex 4, but again .. reliability comes first .. not saying vertex is bad .. but these 3 stands on the top
  3. Also, Samsung 830 256GB Notebook Upgrade Kit is $219.99 on Newegg. So my question becomes- Samsung 830 256GB with its 3 core MCX controller and 256 mb cache at 220 or SanDisk Extreme 240GB for 40 bucks less???


  4. You are paying for more storage. The read speeds on the Samsung 830 are awesome, and what the Sandisk beats it at is marginal at best. You pay 10 cents more per Gb, which means you are marked up $28.

    Because of the transfer benchmark for Samsung vs. Sandisk, something like gaming I would choose the Samsung 830 256Gb. For general use and even some heavy tasks, the Sandisk is comparable.
  5. Samsung 830 < Fantastic SSD
  6. Samsung 830
  7. Samsung 830. That price difference is worth it when it comes to reliability. That SanDisk is still sandforce. Plus, with the samsung, you wont suffer any penalty associated with in-compressible data on sandforce.
  8. Get a Kingston HyperX 3k 120gb, I did A LOT of research coming from an old-school RaptorX and this one blows away 99% of the other ssd's in the same price tier. I snagged one for $85 including a $35 rebate and it is absolutely jaw dropping instant fast. Tomshardware ranked it very high on their list for price/performance, best buy for the money IMO.

    Great durability, amazing speed, good price, snag it and be impressed.
  9. Running that one right now,fast and so far no issues ^
  10. I would recommend the Samsung 830! I have one and no trouble!
  11. Samsung 830 and Crucial M4
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