DVI - VGA Adapter issue. Windows 7.

Hi all...

Yesterday I purchased a new Packard Bell EasyNote TM86-GN-005UK laptop because my desktop finally gave up after 5 long years.

However, I want to add my large monitor (Samsung SyncMaster 205BW) as a second monitor.

The monitor has 1xVGA and 1xDVI input, so I wanted to use DVI, naturally.

However the laptop only has 1xVGA input (no DVI) so I purchased a 'Nikkai DVI-I to VGA' adapter.

When I plug this in however I dont get any signal to the screen, but if use the pure VGA cable, Windows 7 recognizes it straight away and I have 2 screens.

The issue is the screen/text is very blurry/fuzzy, and is a pain to use after 2 minutes. I presume due to the VGA being in use.

Any idea why the DVI - VGA adapter isnt being picked up? (would this be good enough anyway?)

I have 1xHDMI slot as well on laptop, so could I use a DVI - HDMI converter?

I dont want a USB converter as I heard these dont really work as per VGA/DVI and ciome with their own software (sounds a bit lame, but are they any good)

Any help much appreciated.

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  1. It could be the native resolution of the laptop that's unsupported by the monitor, but when it's in as VGA it just makes the best of it hence why it's fuzzy. Try cycling through resolution on the setting of the second monitor in Display Properties, see if it makes a difference. I'm not well versed on samsung monitors, but with Dell you can select the input or stick it on auto, and if it doesnt detect a signal it supports sometimes it wont bother switching to that input at all, so maybe select the DVI and cycle through, but again, it's basically converting an analog signal(VGA) to a digital input (DVI) so it may not work too well either way, and the monitor is still getting the same signal quality. Your best bet is to splash out and get a €20 HDMI - DVI cable, you'll get a better signal from that anyway. Or just try to mess around with the VGA input/output to get a better resolution.
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