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I own a Sapphire HD5830. Just downloaded the MSI 5830 Twin Frozr bios update, which should allow voltage control through Afterburner. Will try when I get home from work. The Sapphire BIOS sux for overclocking. Even rejects RBE voltage editing.
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  1. By doing this you may cause your card to stop working, when you mix and match bios with different manufactures you can kill the card. I would recommend caution in doing this.
  2. For sure. I always double-check it in RBE for voltage, although the card should be rated up to 1.35v (which I would never push anyway).

    Didn't work anyway. Looks like there is a beta version of Afterburner that may work for voltage modding any 5830. We'll see what happens.
  3. Keep us posted on this.

    - ragejg -

  4. Yeah, I got one of those sapphire 5830s as well, and can't overvolt. Volts not being detected in afterburner.
    Let us know if this works.
  5. Still not detectable. Very strange. I think the next thing to try is to get the correct hex ID to use in RBE to trick MSI's auto-update into recognizing the card and updating the BIOS, et. Al, automatically; as afterburner STILL won't do voltage control even after changing all the required parameters in the config file to "1" from "0".

    I also tried changing all the settings and voltages in RBE to 900/1200 and 1.25v. Also did one where I left the voltage blank in the #1 slot. Even this doesn't work. I also have a feeling that flashing the BIOS from ATI vanilla to either the ASUS or MSI takes some doing. Again, I bet the MSI or ASUS hex ID is the key. I will try looking for it soon (just moved - setting up my space this week). Everyone else try as well and post! We can lick this card, yet!
  6. Alright, I think I will be able to do a work-around to apply the Sapphire 5870 bios. Currently about to upgrade from XP x64 to Win7 Pro x64, and then will try. Also, can someone try the new Afterburner 1.6.0 final, in the meantime? Just released yesterday. Maybe it will finally work with overvolting? Remember to change all the revelant 0's to 1's in the config file! If anyone does this, let us know what happens.

    My rig is currently apart for revamp, so I won't get to this until this weekend, sometime.
  7. Then I guess either flashing to the 5870 BIOS might work, or figuring out how to hex tag a 5830 as an ASUS model. Have you tried this? I notice you are sporting nVidia cards (nice setup, BTW!)
  8. Mine will only go to about 840/1100 for some reason at stock. Def not my PSU as it was running a GTX295 before this. PCP&C 860W with 62 amp single rail. Re-slotted, driver sweeper in safe-mode, tried beta, 10.3 and 10.4 catalyst, no better. Wondering if I got a weak card. Still runs everything fine. I'd just like to overclock and have never dealt with anything so hard to do so with.
  9. I DID get the 'Egg's extra year warranty, after all. Might upgrade to a 5850. Double the ROPS for a ~80% increase in fill rate AND voltage control is probably worth it, and now would be the time to do so with my rig pulled apart...
  10. Done and done.
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