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when i try to open my computer the fan the computer monitor screen seem black and graphic fan spin after long time after spinnnig my computer computer screen seem black. please tell me the solution and tell me is there is problem in my AGP slot or the problem is in the graphic card Nvidia graphic card memory is 256 MB
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  1. The only solution here is to learn proper english and ask again.

    Are you trying to say when booting into windows, you only see a black screen but your fans are still spinning up like normal?
  2. i don't understand what do you want to tell us...

    First of all, list all of your specs here.
    CPU? RAM? Motherboard? monitor? PSU?
  3. PC intel 1.80 1.80dual core 2GB of ram motherboard intel essential series G945CNl monitor plug and play iam itry to say that monitor is not starting
  4. sorrD945GCNL
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