HDD upgrade and Ram?

In a process to upgrade my PC.
I will be finally upgrading my HDD.(I can't afford a SSD yet. and I need lots of space.)
Earlier I am having a small Disk of just 160Gb in my PC having 7200rpm. Full Model: Hitachi-hds72161plat800

But my worry is that I am only having 2Gb Ram with AMD Phenom II X2 B555 Processor.
Can My PC handle the new Harddisk.?
Will my PC performance boost or suffer?

And Any other suggestions while buying HDD are Welcoome.
Thanks in Advance Guys. :D
You're Awesome! :love:
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    Don't worry about it, if the old disk is already using SATA you will have no problems upgrading regardless of ram. If not you're on ide and you may need some new cables. You will not see a "performance boost" once programs are loaded, but things like loading/saving games, booting, and installing programs are faster on newer hard drives.
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