Wich hard drive should i get?

Hi guys,

I have been wondering about SSD's.
Are they worth all the extra money?

What kind of people use them?
And for what kinds of jobs?

Why I want to know is because I am building a rig now but I think it’s too overrated for the amount of money it costs.

When does the extra read/write speed actually come in handy?
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    SSD's are worth the extra money for those willing to pay roughly a dollar per gig for high speed storage. They are extremely nice, but if you are on a budget with an Intel build check out Intel's SSD caching you can use a smaller 60GB hard drive and get almost the same results. See here - SSd's are used for Loading operating systems, games and anything else you want to load quickly. (some video editors who move rapid amounts of data, but in small amounts use SSDs. (youtubers) I hope this helps! Have a wonderful day and let me know if you have any other questions! :)
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  3. Thanks for that link!!

    So basically if i get an SSD and use it for caching, my programs will open quicker but it wont necessarily change in-game performance or program responsiveness?

    If i use an SSD for storage, whould it enhance, say- my gaming performance, whaching a movie or just working with regular programs?
  4. An SSD enhanced performance on ANYTHING that is on the drive. Install a game on it and you get massively increased performance. Caching doesn't require you install stuff on the drive because it will automatically keep files (including games) that you use the most! Hope this helps! God bless~!
  5. Thanks Brother!!
    I think i understand it quite good now.
    As soon as i have enough money i will certainly get me a 120gig SSD.
    For caching and the rest to install my OS and my hardcore games.

    Any suggestions on good quality SSD's?
  6. I use two OCZ Vertex 4's in RAID 0 They have been reliable, faster than all others I've used and comes with several years of warranty.
  7. Ok thanks for all the explanation!!

    All of the best to you!
  8. Same, May God bless!
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