No signal on Monitor?

HI I just upgraded, from a 9600gt, G31 4 gb ddr2 to a XFX 5850 BE, ASUS P7P55D, Corei5 750.

I want to format my HDD and install a clean Windows 7. The problem is that my monitor (BenQ G2410HD) cant pick up the grafics card or signal.

I havent installed anything as I cant see. What should I do I dont have a onboard display port. Should I reset bios and how or wat?

My GPU i think is still working because the fan is spnning but iis there a setting or something?
I havent installed Windows yet either
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  1. Did you rebuild your PC (took out and put in a new motherboard... etc.??

    If so... please review PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about boot/no video problems!
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