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How long does HSF take to "Burn-in" and how dramatic of a effect are we talking?
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  1. i havn't heard of this. but i did recently use as5 on my Inno 3d vid card and did not notice any difference in temps
  2. I think the term your want is 'cure' - not burn in. Cure time is about 200hrs of operation to reach it's maximum effective thermal transfer.
    It's not a dramatic effect, maybe a few degrees better.
  3. a few degrees sounds like what I am missing, better than 0 degrees difference. I dont know how I will test this as I didnt measure ambient temp when I first tried it.
  4. I have used Arctic Cooling MX-3 since it was released and have been very satisfied with it. Due to its consistency it is a bit harder to apply than MX-2 or AS5, but performs better than both.

    Some of the benefits compared to AS5 is that MX-3 is non-capacitive and needs no curing time.
  5. Iv been hearing that the curing processes can take 1-3 c off is this true? That seems fairly significant.
  6. I might as well throw out another question while theres some attention in this thread. I got a Q9300 recently and was having some heat issues so i got a Roswell fan model not important the fan almost made things worse i was running 51-52c idle and i hit 72+ a few times on load. I got a bigger fan and the difference on load is big I just put it in and i haven't broke 58c even after a hour at load. But my idle only dropped to like 44-46c. Is it normal for a new HSF to drop load temp almost 15 degrees but idle like 5-6?
  7. illfindu said:
    Iv been hearing that the curing processes can take 1-3 c off is this true? That seems fairly significant.
    Thats about right. The AS-5 starts out a bit higher but during curing it improves until it's nearly the same as MX-2. Close enough to be not be a significant factor.
    The biggest change take place early on and then it's a very gradual improvement.
  8. Thanks allot not to drag this on but does any one know a good operating temp for the Q9300 running at 2.5ghz idle and load.
  9. 40-45C at idle and 60-65C at load would be good operating temps. Anything over 70C for sustained ops, while not critical, is probably a good time to start looking at improving cooling.

  10. perfert after load testing i cant even get to 60c highest i hit was 59 a few times.
  11. Odd question but is there a reason one core in my CPU would run almost 5c lower then the rest
    after a hour of prime95 my temps are 65 65 60 65
  12. 65C in Prime 95 is a good result.
    It's normal to see variations in load temps. It might be a slightly more efficient core or getting a bit better cooling performance from the HFS based on it's location in the die package.
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