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Hey I just built a new computer and put it all together and it won't start. All that happens is the fans come on supper fast and nothing happens. I know the psu is good because all of case fans and cpu fan is coming on but there is nothing on the screen. I also took the 2 graphics cards out too and nothing changed. After that I took everything out and rebuilt it just to make sure I done everything the way it needed to be done a still nothing. Here's the specs of the computer.

case-- Nzxt hades gaming case

psu-- Logisisys 530w

motherboard-- Gigabyte gma-ma790xt-ud4p

Hdd--2x500gig, 1x750gig, 1x80gig ssd

Ram-- 16gigs ripjaw

Cpu-- amd phenom 2 x4 black edition 3.2

Fans-- 2x 120mm top, 1x 180mm back, 1x 200mm side, 1 x 180mm front
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    What is your exact board? There isn't any such board as the "gma-ma790xta-u4p". There isn't even a "UD4P". There is a GA-790XTA-UD4, if that's what you mean...

    It would also help to know what two GPUs you're trying to use are.

    Here's what I'm guessing is happening. When you try it with everything, the PSU can't give it enough power. Trying to run two GPUs on a POS 530W isn't going to happen. Then, you remove the two GPUs, and you don't get anything because you don't have any video output (assuming the board above is the one you're using).

    So here's what I suggest. Try using just a single card. If that doesn't work, go through the troubleshooting thread (actually do all of the steps, don't just read it). The link is in my signature. After that, replace the PSU with something that's actually quality (Corsair, Antec, SeaSonic, or Silverstone).
  2. Ok thanks but I found out what was wrong with it thought, It was a piece on the case that bent out and was shorting out the motherboard. So I took some pliers and bent it back in and put everything back into it and hooked it up and it worked out fine. But yeah I'm going to get my dad to bring me home like a 800 or 1000w from his computer shop. Oh yeah thats the only reason I was able to afford this rig lol
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