How to install win7 into new ssd

hi there!

so i just bought a new computer, and i want to replace the hard drive with an ssd
the hard drive with the computer obviously has an OS installed in it, and i am assuming that the ssd does not

since everything is new (i have not turned the machine on yet!), and i'm assuming that there is no OS on the ssd, i am wondering how i can get my windows7 os onto the ssd! and how would i make the ssd run as optimally as possible?

i am not tech savvy at all, so if possible, please describe the steps to me as simply as possible :)
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  1. Don't have to assume much about a new drive not having Windows installed, none do.

    You have a few options. Use your restore disks (you can make a set as most vendors provide a utility for that) to install Windows on the SSD. You can also use a cloning or imaging software like Clonezilla to make a copy of your hard-drive on the SSD, which you'd install as a second drive. Then just make the SSD the first bootable device in the BIOS, should work.

    Here's a nice guide for the install and some excellent tweaks ^
  3. Hi,

    Just unplug you old HD, plug in your SSD and boot from windows 7 installation cd.
    Install windows as normal sata drive.
    You don't need to tweak SSD, win 7 installed and "tweak" itself.
    But if you feel like you might need to, you can go on SSD manifacturer site and download tweak program
  4. There are some very useful tweaks in this guide that help with storage and performance.
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