Wierd sound fromy PC (I think it is my HD)

Hi There,

Recently there has been 2 weird noises coming from my PC, one of them being a very quiet buzzing type noise which I suspect is my fan but the thing that makes me doubt that it is my fan is because it goes away when ever I do anything that might involve my hard drive, like open folders, play games and even when I open a new tab in chrome.

The second sound if also a quiet one but this time it sounds like a grinding noise. I have no idea where this sound might be coming from but I do think that this sound is coming from my hard drive. this sound is only there from time to time and is in no particular pattern, it is just random

my PC: http://goo.gl/csSNh

if any one can help me figure out what is going on i would be very thankful.
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  1. okay so i figured out the buzzing noise is coming from the PSU and its been getting a little louder over the last few days, what do you guys recommend? bring it into the store to get it fixed or just wait it out till I upgrade my PSU?
  2. any help?
  3. If its still under warranty just have it fixed under the warranty if not just pickup a quality power supply for like $50. If you bring it in to get it fixed they'll probably just stick in a cheep power supply that will fail in a few months and charge you about $100.
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