I guess i need to buy a new Sound Card

Okay so bear with let me explain what happened with my problem. My Mic wont work and its not my razer carcharias headset either because i used on my dad's laptop and it worked perfectly. And its not the drivers either i even uninstall and reinstalled my drivers which still didn't help me i even when to control panel and check everything so i can't possible guess whats wrong other than my onboard Realtek sound, by the way i have windows 7 if you wanted to know.

Even if i could fix this i am a serious gamer and i need a better sound card anyway so i need your help picking one and its tough since i only have PCIe 1.0 slot and i barely have enough money to afford the good 100$ PCIe 1.0 cards. So i was wondering if any of those external sound cards that use USB are any good and if you help pick one out
for a person who plays CoD competitively and sound matters a lot, my team is always laughing and telling me how i hear them yet i don't.
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  1. All the external USB cards to is provide a standard interface to through the USB port; unless you have no other options [in which case, you are better off with a USB headset anyways], don't bother.

    For about $100, my recommendations:
    ASUS Xonar DX (PCI-E 1x)
    HT Omega Striker (I *think* PCI...)

    If you REALLY need to go cheap, the ASUS Xonar DS (PCI or PCI-E?? Too many soundcards to remember!!!) may be the way to go.
  2. Good news my uncle wants to buy me a sound card but i dont want him to waste too much money i dont want him to waste over 100$ whats a good card for under 100$
    Is the Creative Lab Sound Blaster Titanium Professional Fatal1ty, By the way keep in mind i have windows 7 and i heard the Creative have horrible drivers so i am a little worried there so i can't decide
  3. Okay so my uncle wants to buy me a sound card and i dont want him to waste over 100$ now what are my choice i was thinking Creative Labs Titanium Pro but there also that Asus Xonar Dx you said now whats the difference between the two and which is better my friends recommend Creative but i heard creative has bad drivers and keep in mind i have windows 7
  4. sorry double post i thought i didnt post the last one
  5. See my recommendations above. Creatives cards, even without their driver problems, aren't even that high quality anymore.

    The ASUS Xonar DX offers better sound quality then the Titanium, Creatives best model, at a lower price, hence why I find it impossible to recommend Creative. The DX offers (compared to the Titanium):

    A: Better SnR ratio (output signal quality) [109dB versus 116dB)
    B: Better maximum sampling rate [96Khz versus 192Khz]

    The only advantage the Titanium gives compared to the DX is genuine EAX 5.0 support [ASUS offers an EAX 5.0 audio layer through their software though], though its worth pointing out EAX is basically dead at this point...
  6. no creative cards are good, not when compared to ASUS. dont really see the point in even mentioning it, unless you like their design of the software layout.
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