RE4 Hardware Differences from Caviar Black

1 month ago I was using a 300GB Velociraptor as my data disk (I did not store the video and my music collection is only between 10-15GB).

I finally decided to jump the 1TB Caviar Black. I decided to download about 400 GB of Steam games since I had the space (I use a connection to my SSD for games that need that extra load performance).

He started well, but in the last months of the Caviar Black started knocking so strong it can be heard from afar. I never returned a hard drive due to paranoid Has about personal data, but since it is so new that I will DBAN and return it to Amazon (it is still in a month). So I'm going to buy a new disk.

Time Now, the AR4 is only $ 10 more than the Caviar Black. I'm not too worried about the TLER of 7.5 seconds on the AR4, although I will be entered in a configuration Unique event (ie no RAID).

What I wonder is whether the AR4 are built to a high standard of manufacture Things such as better bearings, the vibration tolerance, tolerance to heat, etc. I am not able to find a clear answer on this. The WD website gives the impression that the AR4 has higher reliability, but on some forums it seems that the only difference is the firmware.
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  1. Honestly, you probably just got a bad Caviar Black. Mine isnt that loud and they are very reliable, fast too. Try getting another one?
  2. The RE4 is made for raid environments with 24/7 usage. I'd expect them to have better quality control. As xxaamxx135 stated, your drive failure was proably a fluke. I use a lot of caviar blacks with no problems.
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