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Im starting a new build because I kinda half-assed my last, 1 1/2 years ago. Bought a dell replaced PSU and added a 9800 GTX2. After a year and a half, the constant heat finally ate the card. I decided this time that I would make a whole new PC myself instead of altering pre-builts. Have proper airflow (if you can recommend a solid case for these big videocards, Please do :] )

With that in mind, Ill get to the point.. I want to know if the Radeon 5870 would be a solid improvment over what I use to have, with possible future expansion to crossfire 2 of these, and wanting to run 3 monitors in the future.
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    9800GX2 = HD5850. You would see a definite increase in performance.

    As for a build, a 6-core phenom, Antec 900 or Antec 1200, 890FX MOBO, 4GB DDR3-Dual channel, Corsair/OCZ/Rosewill 750Watt, any disc drive.
  2. Ty for the fast reply! I guess I shoulden't be so suprised that in only 1 1/2 years that the videocards have advanced so much!
  3. A high end enthusiast case: CM Storm Sniper
    A mid-range all around case: Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced usually has pretty good coverage of cases and the reviews are very useful when deciding on a case.
  4. The more info the better! Tyvm WR2

    The CM SS Case looks Awesome! I love the air filters that are easily accesible for the fans..and everything else! Dust is a huge issue in my room.
    I think you just found my case for me! It seems like 5870's would fit in there nicely.
  5. Then you might be interested in this other CM Storm Sniper review
    Better pictures including a built system and cooling performance tests.
  6. Definatly going to buy that case. It seems 100% perfect! And It makes me giggle abit that its visualy appealing as well as functional :] which is often not the case(pun lol)
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