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I have two hard drives and an ssd for my os. I removed the hdd's a couple of days ago.
Now i put one back in, after booting windows said that a drive needed to be checked. I did not cancel, cause i thought there would be no harm. However, windows FORMATTED this drive. (i think it changed the file system to ntfs)
Thats about 960gb of data and I need it back!

Is there any way I can restore the data on this drive?

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  1. You may use Restorer Ultimate to recover your lost files. This help chapter explains how: Recover Files from Deleted/Corrupted Logical Disks and Partitions.
  2. Ok, i'm allready using easus data recovery to scan the drive, nine hours to go... But will it be able to restore the disk to its former condition? (I did nothing with the drive after I noticed that it was formatted, so unless windows already overwrote some files i don't think the files will be corrupted)

    And any idea why this happened?
  3. Well, it is quite large! Have you recovered them yet? I met up with similar conditions before and I retrieve all my formatted data by using a free data recovery software. It is designed to recover lost data due to deletion, format, virus infection and many other unknown reasons. The operation is quite simple. But as the capacity of your formatted data are quite large, it may takes certain time to recover.
    You can get more information and download the freeware on this page: http://freeware-recovery.blogspot. [...] overy.html Hope this may help you.
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