Pre-purchase video card question

I currently have the following

EVGA GeForce 9600GSO Video Card
Intel Q9550 Yorkfield Processor
Gigabyte X48 (GA-X48-DS4) Motherboard

I am considering either purchasing an ATI 5870 or an Nvidia 480. I'm worried there maybe a bottleneck from the graphics side of things. Are my worries justified?

Thank you
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  1. Definitely not. Your CPU is very powerful, and will easily handle either card.
  2. Go for the GPU upgrade. Your CPU is a good one. I don't see that you're setting up for any major issues at all. Worst case, you just OC your CPU a little to get some more out of it.

    You'll see massive improvement over your 9600GSO... ;) Especially if you can game @ 1920x1080 or better. Anything lower and you'll still see improvement, but won't be harnessing the GPU fully.
  3. Upgrade done. I caved and went with the 480.

    H O L Y C R A P

    a night and day difference doesn't even do it justice

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