Texture and grass flicker in zoom IN- Crysis

Hi i got problem. Sometimes ( very rare ) when i zoom in weapon ( right click ) trees and grass just flickering in yellow colour. Its very fast i cant make screen. But when i go zoom out flickering is gone. This very rare. The most times all is ok when i zoom in .
What is wrong?
I dont OC pc.

Powercolor 5870
I5 2,66
4gb ram
Bq Dark P 1000W
Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3

Windows 7 ultimate x64 , catalyst 10.4

I use Very High and AA4x . I notice this issue in 2 lvl ( beach ) when i zoom in weapon on some of trees.

look i recorded:

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  1. YEAH I RECORDED in fraps , so wait a moment i uploda to youtube
  2. Did it happen on the other games as well?
  3. do you have your card overclocked at all, it could be some instability
  4. no OC , and it only happen before new checkpoint ( when your friend is talking in radio )
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