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Recently I built an X2 555, M4A79XTD EVO w/a 4850 1gb. I would now like to add a wireless card for 2 purposes:

1) Mobility to move computer to tv room and attach to TV to stream Netflix via HDMI
2) Gaming, specifically COD4

A third possibility is adding a dual tuner card and watching tv thru the computer as well.

This machine is currently wired, but no where near the TV. The wireless card would allow me to move it to the TV.

What type router is best for this, and also what wireless card? If I can game w/it that's a bonus, but not required if it makes it pricey.

I currently have a Linksys 802.11g wireless router, about 5 yrs old, but am guessing I'll need something newer/quicker.

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  1. wireless N router and a N receiver for your pc
  2. What res is your HDTV? I've been able to do 720p on the same router without any issues. True 1080p works, but will stutter every once in a while. But to be honest, with linking your PC directly to your TV the slowest link is your ISP. Unless you have totally awesome internet, it won't be able to overload wireless G.

    Real wireless G throughput is around 25 Mbit (advertised as 54 Mbit) and the fastest max speed internet around where I live is 20 Mbit.

    I need to say though that I have very little wireless interference where I live and everything is line of sight. I'm also streaming through a PS3 as well. I would assume a direct PC hookup would be even better.
  3. Streaming thru a PS3? How does that work? I happen to have a PS3 connected now, to that tv. Can I get a wireless card for my pc, and somehow send record TV from the computer thru the PS3, to the tv?
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